Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake, Located on the north-shore of the fascinating Coron-Island (only 20 min boat ride from Coron Town) is one of the most unusual, amazing and wired dive-sites of the Philippines.

After a short climb over lime-stones with full gear (on special request we organize a Sherpa for you, don´t worry!) you reach this beautiful with pure nature surrounded spot. The dive itself is like a wired space-flight on a foreign planet. Three different thermo-clines with temperature between 30°-37° you have to cross on your flight down to max. 30m; on this point there is a layer starting where you can experience zero visibility like diving in black tea…so pointless to go deeper! The bottom-constitution is a funny stuff like jelly; you can put your whole arm inside or if you like even your head. The trip brings you along unusual looking rock-formations steep walls and mysterious caves in a breathtaking atmosphere. The most recommended part to cruise is in around 13m-15m where the “cold” freshwater-layer (30°) meets the hot saltwater (37°); here you can choose your most favorite one and change whenever you like or you swim with your head in the cold and your body in the hot water. Actually you can see an exact line in between these two thermo-clines, looks like a second surface.

Honestly, there is not much marine-life to see; a family of rabbit-fishes, small catfishes, shells and freshwater-shrimps, sometimes snappers, batfishes or even puffers crossing through a narrow channel from the sea. This connection causes most likely also the presence of the famous single barracuda who actually is living resident in the lake…some like it hot!

But especially the high unaccustomed atmosphere in a likewise underwater surrounding makes this dive to a “must see” for any diver with an inclination for unusual. Unique! Bizarre!

Certification Level: Snorkeler, Discover Scuba divers, Open Water Diver