Kogyo Maru

Kogyo Maru

Kogyo Maru an Auxiliary Cargo Ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy basically loaded with construction materials. Rumors want to tell you she was also loaded with trucks but of course they are unfortunately missing.

The vessel is lying on her starboard side.

In one of the cargo holds you can find the famous bulldozer left which looks actually more than a tractor but still in good shape incl. a beautiful 6-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel-engine. This hold is also full of cement bags looking now like a pile of stones. In the next cargo hold there are rolls of wired fences left the remaining holds are pretty much empty.

Empty is also the engine room and like before on Morazán Maru there are 2 massive boilers left. From the top side the daylight is coming through the salvage hole and producing an amazing atmosphere! The hull is nicely covered with hard- and soft-corals.

The common lapu-lapu (grouper) in reasonable sizes, school of batfishes, massive lion-fishes hiding in bushes of black corals, barracudas, wrasses, nudibranch and occasionally turtles and rays makes the dive double interesting.

The visibility is from 3-15m depending on conditions. Usually calm but sometimes medium current.

Certification Level: Advanced Open Water, Wreck Diver (for more advanced penetrations)

Recommended EAN-Nitrox Mix: 34%