Okikawa Maru

Submariner Diving Safari


Okikawa Maru, an oiler from her size the most massive and impressive wreck on the place is resting in 26m max. depth in a perfect upright position a 15 min. boat ride in the north-east of Akitsushima.

Heavily damaged and burning after the air raid, Okikawa Maru was floating for nearly 3 weeks in the area; finally, another air strike of the US-Air-Force caused a huge explosion at the bow-section and sent her down. The bow is nearly completely ripped off the rest of the ship, facing now to port.

The top of the superstructures are the most shallow parts, nicely covered with hard and soft-corals and under good conditions sometimes even visible from the surface.

An extraordinary rich and diversified fish–life and plenty of macro-stuff, particularly along both hull-sides, makes this dive to an Eldorado for underwater-photography and naturalists.

But also amazing penetrations through the thrilling propeller-shaft, the former accommodations and the oil-tanks offering wreck-diver-specialists unforgettable dives. Like on the other specified wrecks, the conditions of visibility varies, but especially exceedingly fierce currents on Okikawa Maru sometimes might present you quite challenging diving. Therefore best to check the conditions first and sometimes it is not a bad idea to cancel this dive especially for beginners and wait for better conditions on another day.


Certification level: Advanced Open Water with experience, Wreck Diver

Recommended EAN-Nitrox Mix: 36%