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Why Freediving?

Freediving is the most natural way of diving. Less gear and a high quality training enables you to feel comfortable in the water and become one with it.
The silence of breathold diving makes you enjoy underwater life, since – without noisy scuba gear – you are just another fish.

Why in El Nido?

El Nido – still a rather small village – went incredibly fast up the Top 10 lists of the most famous diving spots. For a reason! El Nido has – next to only a few other places – the clearest water on the planet, a rich marine life and a lot of interesting things to see.

Why us?

We here at Freediving Academy have chosen this place for a reason. Our high quality training and high safety standards are going to help you to understand the mechanisms behind freediving and lead to extraordinary results.

A 2 minutes 30 seconds of a breath hold and 10 meters depth during the first day of the first course is not uncommon.

“ If you want something you never had
You have to do something you’ve never done”