Diving at “Paglugaban Cave” El Nido Rates & Procedure

Starting February 2015 Submariner Diving Center will offer Cave Diving Trips to Paglugaban Cave for certified and licenses Tech Cave Divers. The Group sizes is ideally 3 Person per Group and we take a maximum of 2 Groups per day. The Dive will be guided by a certified Tech Cave Diver and be approved by the Local authorities. Therefore all trips have to be scheduled and approved first providing certification cards and relevant experience.

Submariner Diving Center will provide the whole Logistics Boat with Compressor, Nitrox, Certified Dive-Guide, Briefings and Dive Planing. We will offer 2 Dives during 1 day. I morning and 1 afternoon Dive.

Lunch as well as all necessary pre-dive tools will be provided. We will provide 1 set of Twin Tanks with Manifold (2*11 liter) or 2 single Tanks each 11 liter for Side mount containing Nitrox 32% for all dives.

The Technical Cave Diver has to Provide his full own Equipment which is suitable for Cave Diving and must contain at least the following items:

1 Primary regulator with long hose
1 Secondary regulator with neck strap
1 Wing type BCD with minimum 30 lbs lift for twin tanks
1 Back plate with harness or equivalent for carrying twin tanks
1 Diving computer
1 Dive watch, dive timer or additional dive computer
1 Reels or spools with at least 40 meters of line
4 Jump reel or spool with at least 15 meters of line
1 Primary light with minimum 2 hour burn time
2 Back-up lights
2 Knives or shears (1 each recommended)
1 Multi page slate
2 Line Arrows (at least)
2 Line Cookies (at least)
1 Lift bag

We have always 1 Full Tech Twin-Set for Rental if in case you miss out something.

We provide this Service for 8,000 PHP per day and Diver. A minimum of 2 Divers is required. This price includes all diving related costs. Not included are Marine Park Fees and Video Fees. This will be charged separately on your account. Video Fees are per day and can be distributed to all Divers who like to take Video Material.

Submariner Diving Center is also Providing IANTD Technical Cave Course in cooperation with Alex Santos and  Philteach Asia. Dates and availabilities have to be confirmed upfront.

for inquiries and further information please send us an Email.