TecRec & Cave

Submariner Diving Center is first PADI TecRec Facility in El Nido who is able offer Technical Diving. We also offer Technical Course such as PADI TecRec 40, 45 and 50 . In all Courses you will have the chance to Dive with Double Tanks and Back Plate as well as stage Tanks. All our Prices include the required Equipment. So no additional charges!



Our Equipment:

Halcyon Dive Systems began as a group of divers who knew exactly what they wanted but couldn’t find it in any dive store. Our passion for the dive led us to business. We started designing wings and lights to satisfy ourselves. However, we soon discovered that we were not alone in our pursuit of equipment that could radically improved the diving comfort of the newest recreational diver while also supporting the most aggressive technical dives ever completed. Our founders, as well as current owners and senior management, have a long history as diving pioneers with diverse backgrounds, ranging from academia to manufacturing and consulting. However, they share one common thread: an average of 20 years of dives in each of their logbooks.



Apeks has developed unique 1st stages specifically for use on a twinset.  We have now launched the new TEK3 1st stage regulators designed for use with twin cylinder configuration.  The system benefits from streamlined hoses with little chance of accidental snagging and also improved ease of access to cylinder valves.  Each 1st stage has 3 medium pressure ports and one high pressure port.  They are balanced, cold water compatible and extremely robust. TEK3 looks great too.